Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop : Leading from the Drums! Nov. 8, 3pm WI Union Theater, Shannon Hall

ANNOUNCING! Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop November 8th


This invite goes out to ALL community members young and old:

  • that want to learn more about jazz,
  • unique drum grooves,
  • innovative bandleader traditions
  • and the untold stories of women in jazz.

Come one come all to Memorial union for a free workshop!

Hosted by

Madison Music Collective http://madisonmusiccollective.org/

 Memorial Union Theater http://www.uniontheater.wisc.edu/Season14-15/mosaic-project.html 

Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop


“Get to know the artist, the drummer and one of the most exciting band leaders today!” 

November 8, 2014

 3-4:30pm  Talk and Workshop in Shannon Hall, Memorial Union, 800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706

8pm Mosaic Concert http://terrilynecarrington.com/mosaic/ 


Workshop Content:

  Get to Know the Artist

1. Ms. Carrington will speak a bit about herself and her experience coming up through the ranks of The legendary jazz Musicians of our time.

2. She will also speak about how she was received as a young woman musician (drummer).

3. As a well established and respected musician, Ms. Carrington will also share about her current projects, education efforts and the various other music work she  does.

There will be a short… 

Q & A about Carrington as an artist. 

Leading from the drums

1. Ms. Carrington will speak what it is like to lead a band from the drums and how she fits into the history of drummer/bandleaders.

2. She will also speak about what it means to “set the groove” – She will show some of her unique grooves, blends and hybrids

3. Ms. Carrington will share about her Mosaic project – what is it?  Why and who she choose to be in this project and how is has evolved?

There will be a short…  

Q & A about Drums and Mosaic

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