IMW – hosted Fearless Improviser: Hanah Jon Taylor – April 14

It was rainy, cold and damp outside but inside “Jazz on a Sunday” Hosted by MMC, MTL and The Brink Lounge had a warm and inviting feast of improvised, exploratory, musical food served by Hanah Jon Taylor and his group (listed below).

IMW had fun interviewing the group about the music making they had just done and inviting several musicians to the stage to join Hanah’s group in experimenting a bit more.

Thanks to GREAT musicians with generous hearts to share their creative voices in words and sounds!!!

Hanah jon Taylor



“Hanah Jon Taylor lives and breathes the history of creative improvised music….Taylor has internalized the jazz tradition and carved his niche as a composer, bandleader, and fearless improviser.”  Chris DuPré

Hanah Jon Taylor is arguably the preeminent saxophonist and flutist in Madison jazz and a leading catalyst, organizer and educator in inter-arts programming. Taylor was founder and director of The Madison Center for the Creative and Cultural Arts, which offered concerts and multi-arts classes.  Taylor also directed Freedom Fest, which presented such world-class performers as Archie Shepp, Sonny Fortune, Richard Davis, Cecil McBee, Edward Wilkerson, acclaimed Chicago singer Dee Alexander, and Corey Wilkes and Roscoe Mitchell of the legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Taylor has appeared with songwriter/folk artist Richie Havens, percussionist Steve McCall, the Colson Unity Troupe, saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell, pianist Jobic LeMasson, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, bassists Rafael Garrett and Malachi Favors, and the Great Black Music Ensemble of Chicago.

Taylor moved to Madison years ago from Chicago and has been a long-time member of the influential Chicago-based Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). He has performed worldwide with musicians ranging from Woodstock-famous singer-songwriter Richie Havens to Nina Simone, Miles Davis, and many of the AACM’s leading lights. Taylor has a substantial reputation in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Today Taylor is a music professor at the Madison Media Institute.


Percussionist Dushun Mosley, is based in Chicago, has toured extensively as a soloist, in duets, trios and big bands. He has been called upon to do numerous engagements in social clubs, music halls and festivals in cities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Japan. These performances have contributed to his distinguished reputation as a forerunner in this generation of innovators. His style is Traditional Jazz, Blues and Funk in a combo band setting, but feels equally at home pushing big bands and Orchestras’ to their limit.


Alex is a guitarist, bassist, oudist and creative musician living on the South side of Chicago.  He has his B.A. in music from The University of Chicago.  Alex joined IMW in 2010 and has taught at Taylor Park, Fuller Park, CICS Northtown and CICS Bucktown,  He also teaches with the Hyde Park Suzuki Institute, as well as privately.  He plays with artists including David Boykin, Nicole Mitchell, Paul Hartsaw, Avreeayl Ra, MOSAIK, and the Middle East Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago.


Jim Baker of Chicago is an exciting keyboardist who has jammed with some of the best in the world, from Chicago flautist and bandleader Nicole Mitchell to Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore, of Massachusetts.

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