Madison is “Fuller” with love for jazz: October 2012

After a multi-day residency and impressive concert, Madison is “Fuller” with love for jazz.

Tia Fuller had 2 outreach events directed at the some of the African American youth in our city. Arriving in Madison, she the ground running on Wednesday, Oct 1o, performing several of her own compositions and led an interactive workshop at the Boys and Girls at Allied Drive. Thursday Wright Middle School hosted a clinic for high school saxophone players from all over the city followed by another concert and interactive time with the artist for Middle School kids from Wright, Hamilton and Cherokee. After only a short time Fuller’s out-going and charismatic personality had boys and girls hugging her and in line for autographs. The young people heard music that was cutting edge jazz and could relate to it and enjoy it. Over 400 students participated in creating art listening to Tia Fuller’s music. This art was on display before and during a free concert given by Tia and her amazing band from NYC, SHAMIE ROYSTON – piano, OTIS BROWN III – drums, and MIMI JONES – bass performing at the Sett in Union South, on the UW campus. Thursday night Ms. Fuller joined with Mt. Zion Baptist musicians and gave a presentation on The Mind, Body and Spirit of the Sax and Jazz Improv. It was a night filled with warmth and joy as the Mt. Zion musicians filled out the band performing Ms. Fuller’s music. Lastly she gave an impressive solo performance and Women in Jazz History lecture for a Saturday brunch, Oct. 13. Our own Linda Marty Schmitz and John Fortier gave out a warm welcome to Ms. Fuller and shared their researched resources for more info on “women in jazz.”

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