This Sunday, Dec. 11 – SUPER GUITAR TRIO

Sun. Dec. 11 /  MMC & MTL present: “Jazz on a Sunday” with:



3:30pm (2 sets) followed by IMW (Improv Music Workshop) at 6:00

IMW this week will take a little different format in that no musicians will play with the band but there will be opportunity to ask questions and have some dialog with the trio. It should be exciting to learn more about this very different format of a trio.

Concert General admission $10 dos; $8 for members of MMC and Madison Jazz Society and students with ID

IMW session 6-7pm is always free admission.

MORE about the super guitar trio:

Joined by Kirk Tatnall on guitar and drummer Dane Richeson , this free-wheeling romp through some interesting and thought-provoking material will challenge the listener from start to finish. The two guitarists will be performing on the Superax, an instrument that was invented by Grassel. It enables the players to play bass and guitar strings on the same neck. This allows a trade off between bass lines and guitar parts, eliminating the need for a separate bass instrument.

Guitar One Magazine says that Grassel exhibits: “…the same technical prowess John Coltrane demonstrated on his sax. Simply put: He sounds like no other guitarist you’ve ever heard before”

Guitar Player Magazine says of him: “Adventurous to a fault, Grassel explores everything – from “straight ahead” to modal to outside to avant garde – as long as it involves improvisation…(with) formidable technique, musicianship, sense of humor, imagination, and ability to do the unexpected.”

In 2007 and 2009, the readers of the Milwaukee Shepherd newspaper voted Jack as Milwaukee’s “Best Jazz Artist”.

Winner of seven Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards as Jazz Artist and Guitarist Of The Year

Mr. Grassel has played over 12,000 performances in every conceivable musical situation. Among his favorites are: duets with Luciano Pavarotti, concerts with Melvin Rhyne, Nancy Wilson, Tal Farlow and other name artists too numerous to mention.

This concert and seminar are made possible by a grant from the John & Carolyn Peterson Charitable foundation and support from the Madison Music Collective, The Brink Lounge, Liliana’s Restaurant, the UPS Store in Fitchburg, Farley’s House of Pianos, The Cardinal Bar, Tornado Club Steak House, Oak Bank, The Isthmus and WORT 89.9FM


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