IMW Features: The Band Wisdom of Professor Wildman


Joan Wildman will lead this session with the help of John Becker and Laurie Lang. Come together to hear the functions of making a band work, how to play together, how to make your voice heard while connecting with other musicians to create synergy.  What happens when you want to have a band or a music session and you don’t have a bass player or you don’t have a drummer or you don’t have a guitar and you wish you did. How do you take whatever instruments you have a make them groove, swing and/or even “pop” together? This session will involve some modeling, some instruction, some songs were everyone is playing together. It should be fun and exciting. 

As always, Washington Hotel Coffee Room is the great place to gather with friends and/or family at the end of a long week to see the view, relax, have a local wine or beer, eat fresh food and, of course, drink coffee.   

IMW is for EVERYONE musicians and music lovers. The vibe is inviting and extremely creative. A GREAT way to start your weekend!

6:30 – 8:30pm Friday, October 22 Washington Hotel Coffee Room 402 W. Lakeside Street, Madison – no cover but there is a place to donate to the cause of IMW (we need your help) Thanks!

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