A Study in Tone!?! Friday, October 8th – 6:30 – 8:30pm

Definition of:   Tone – any sound considered with reference to it’s quality, pitch, strength or source.

Once again we will attempt to make music while we focus on tone. Come one come ALL!  Improv Music Workshop is for everyone, listeners and musicians. Washington Hotel Coffee Room (402 W Lakeside St. in Madison’s south side) is the perfect setting for people to gather on an early Friday evening to take in good food, good drinks and good creative music making.


Rules for This week: Friday, October 8th:

Note: If any one was at the Mary Lou Williams celebration and concerts that featured Carmen Lundy, she embodied this ability to vary her tone. She sang one note and would take you so many places you thought you were at Disneyland.

1. Play any song you like, bring charts to share for others to play along.

2. Then:

  • Attempt to vary your tone.
  • Explore vibrato or tremolo
  • Make your sound bright or dark
  • notice the shape and length of each note
  • make your sound thick or thin
  • Use pedal points   
  • explore effects; natural or electronic
  • think about the difference of sound in masters you love– what do they do to make their sound?
  • explore
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One Response to A Study in Tone!?! Friday, October 8th – 6:30 – 8:30pm

  1. Paul baker says:

    Hi laurie . Great seeing you again after such a long time.

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