BIG Dynamics Changes – September 3rd

IMW is back!  Becker, de Broux and Lang will kick off this session by seasoning every song with colorful dynamics, at least 4 noticable dynamics changes per tune. Those are the rules for September 3rd. Bring your favorite songs with a few copies or play something freely but in the context of the song, remember 4 dramatic changes in the dynamics needs to happen. See ya soon!  

As always bring friends and family to hear you sit in and make music, eat the local salads, sandwiches, drink the wine, beer and coffee. Washington Hotel Coffee Room  is a GREAT place to gather on an early Friday evening with the view of Monona bay and downtown.

Dates, Times and Themes for the September 2010 Sessions:  

Fridays 6:30 8:30pm At Washington Hotel Coffee Room

September 3rd Big Dynamic Changes (Becker, de Broux, Lang)

September 17thSingle Line Groove and Song Building (Becker, de Broux, Lang)

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One Response to BIG Dynamics Changes – September 3rd

  1. Mary Sykes says:

    I’m sorry I missed this, lookin’ forward to joining in on the 17th!

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