The Original Music Was REALLY nice!

We easily filled our time with all the people who came with their original compositions. We had 11 different musicians actively playing last night, Allen composed something just for the event,  Marianne tried out something in progress with several horn parts, Dave had a whole stack of tunes and all the others had at least one or more songs ready to play.  Bobbette, being a visual artist did not perform, but commented on how exciting it is to listen to musicians creating music together. 

The mood was right and we had a nice audience as well. Thanks to all involved! See you again in September. Check this blog periodically as I will post new dates and progress on IMW here!

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2 Responses to The Original Music Was REALLY nice!

  1. Allen Barkoff says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I really enjoyed the sessions and am looking forward to when you start the workshops again.

  2. Mary Sykes says:

    I’m sorry to have missed this session, really enjoyed the other 2 sessions I attended (and participated in – the single line groove session). What a wonderful gift, Laurie, thanks for organizing this and thanks to you and Sally and John for anchoring it. I very much look forward to September!

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