June 11, Friday – Space: a Minimalistic approach

IMW is for Professional Musicians, Amateur Musicians, Growing Musicians, Friends of Musicians and all people who love music and want to listen and support some creative musical expression!  

This week’s theme is Space: a Minimalistic approach

Friday, June 11th 6-8pm   @ Washington Hotel Coffee Room on Lakeside Street (get some yummy and local salads, sandwiches, coffee, beer and wine)  

Introduction Band: (starts right at 6pm)
John Becker – piano, Sally de Broux – vocal, Laurie Lang – bass violin


Rules for the musicians:

  • All SONGS will be played using lots of space, letting a few notes say a lot.
  • We will use  a high degree of trust, letting the other musicians fill some of the open spaces, finish your phrase, imply a varied harmony, al la etc..
  • All songs can have implied harmony, rhythm and melody
  • All solos should be approached in the same manner, trying to be interesting and moving while using few notes

Pros – I will have some charts to read if the songs are not in standard keys, or be ready to flow with what is happening.

Less Experienced players- Come ready with a song to play. Have several (3-4) copies of the chart (from a real book, fake book or music with chords and melody)

The next IMW is Friday, June 25th the theme will be Original Music ONLY! Bring YOUR own original pieces to play, bring extra copies so others can play along.

Washington Hotel Coffee Room    https://www.lakesidefibers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6&Itemid=

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