The room was full and about 25 musicians appeared “on stage” at IMW on May 28

The session started with Sally de Broux singing, Andrew Rohn on piano and Laurie Lang on bass violin. We played a few songs, set up some examples of the type “Single Line Groove” session we were calling people to.

We had at least 30 musicians in the house and ~25 of them participated in the music creating. Some of the musicians who made music and wrote down their names are Susan H., Alma, Susan B., Bruce, Laurie R., Betsy, Alicia, Isaac, Bob, Rosemary, Allen, Macy, Laurel, Sharon, Don, and Patrick. 

The pieces created were mostly very good and creative. Each person brought a unique and interesting piece to the evening.

The room filled up with people and spilled out on the porch and the mood was right for lots of GREAT energy and life-giving music.

The session ended with a beautiful singing circle of ~12 singers then caped off by Isaac on guitar, leading off all the instrumentalists in a playful Beatles-like groove involving 3 pianists (sharing one piano), bass, 3 saxes, coronet and flute.

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