May 28th – Single Line Groove and Song Building

ON Friday!    May 28th from 6-8pm – the theme will be:

 Single Line Groove and Song Building

So these are the “rules” for this “game” of Improv Workshop: 

  1. We will begin by creating “songs” from scratch.
  2. Each player will only play a single line. (so pianists and guitarists who normally might comp and have the ability to play harmony will limit themselves to one note at a time like voice,  horns or winds)
  3. Person #1 starts by laying down a foundational line approximately 4- 8 bars long
  4. Person #2 adds something to support/compliment that line
  5. Person #3 can add something to support or compliment person #1 or create a counter line
  6. Depending on how many people you have there could be more added in here
  7. The person added in gets to solo over the top of the song/groove
  8. When everyone is tired of that song…we start over!

This song building can be lots of fun! So come ready to create, listen, compliment and work together.

More questions contact Laurie.

in the coming weeks:
June 11th Friday, 6-8pm – Space – Minimalistic approach 

June 25th Friday, 6-8pm – Original Music only!

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2 Responses to May 28th – Single Line Groove and Song Building

  1. Sharon Derry says:

    Thanks so much for doing this, it was great fun!

  2. Susan Boston says:

    I had a fantastic time. Singing with Sally DuBreau and Susan Hofer is an enormous treat, because they are both loaded with talent and I LOVE both their styles and the beauty in their voices, scatting, and stage personae. Respect Divas! Hope to see Sally and Susan playing in gigs around town much more often.

    Thanks Laurie! You have made a very comfortable space for amateurs to try things out without being dropped into the deep end. Making music with all those wonderful talents together was better than a drug for me. It took all night to come back down to earth.

    And P.S. I am amazed at the versatility of the big bass…gorgeous deep tones and boomy percussions that lent a good foundation when underpinning songs or singing as lead during your solos. Great stuff.

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