First Workshop went very well!

We had a beautiful evening. The setting was so great for music making. 

If you’ve not been to Washington Hotel Coffee Room you really need to check it out.

  • Hardwood floors so the look and sound is natural
  • The coffee is fair trade and delicious  
  • you can get a beer or glass of wine
  • yummy salads and sandwiches with mostly local produce
  • new piano that sounds very nice
  • view of the bay of Lake Monona with the city in the background

Sally de Broux

John Becker, Sally de Broux and Laurie Lang (me) played some tunes and we could hear one another very well this made the musical interplay very easy. The audience was very kind and listened attentively. After about 30 minutes we invited some of the musicians in the room to join us. We had Willie on bass and Susan on alto sax join John at the piano, also Bruce played piano with Sally and Laurie, there were a few other combinations and the feeling in the room was good. Everyone left feeling they had a good and memorable musical experience. So I feel it was successful for the first round of IMW.

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3 Responses to First Workshop went very well!

  1. kurt squire says:

    sounds great! what a great idea. i saw the flier and would like to come. i’m a harmonica player with experience in most everything except jazz and have sat in with lots of folks over the years. hopefully i can make next week’s session!

    • Sharon Derry says:

      Hi Kurt, ya shoulda been there, it was great fun. You would fit right in, especially with the bluesy jazz stuff.

  2. lauriebass says:

    I look forward to meeting you.

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