John Becker will be at the piano, Sally de Broux will be singing and Laurie will be on the bass to get things going! We’ll start off with a 5/4 version on “Over the Rainbow” a 6/8 version of Skylark and some playing around with the “feel” on a few others. Then we’ll be ready to try a few of this songs again with other players or move on to some interesting takes of Summertime, All Blues and Bye Bye Blackbird.

The food and drink at Washington Hotel Coffee Room is really good! This will be a GREAT home and hang for jazz lovers! Beer and Wine for those that would like something a little more relaxing!

Piano was delivered this morning and is in tune!

Hope to see ya all later!


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One Response to TODAY WE BEGIN! May 14

  1. willi van haren says:

    The workshop was great fun. You could appreciate what the trio was doing with these tunes. Laurie was very supportive. I think I would have liked a little more discussion of what they were doing, as a way of helping my listening skills.

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