Improv Workshops begin… Friday, May 14th!

John Becker

John Becker

IMW (Improvisational Music Workshop) will meet twice a month on Fridays from 6-8pm at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room  located on Lakeside Street in Madison.  

  • All people, all ages are invited to attend, observe, cheer us on, eat the good fresh food and drink.
  • Experienced improvisational musicians are encouraged to come with instruments and be prepared to join in to the music making.  
  • Each week will have a different emphasis and it will be published here with some detail.  Microphones, a PA and a nice new Kawai piano (from Farleys) will be provided.

May 14th Friday, 6-8pm – We’ll kick off the first IMW  session with an exploration called “Change the Feel.” All songs will be played with either a varied meter, experimenting with the “feel” or messing with some kind of polyrhythmic/hemiola ideas in soloing and comping.   

In the coming weeks:
May 28th Friday, 6-8pm – Single Line Groove and Song Building
June 11th Friday, 6-8pm – Space – Minimalistic approach 

June 25th Friday, 6-8pm – Original Music only!

What IMW IS and What it is NOT 

  • A house band will kick off the session with several songs, then others will be invited to join the music making.
  • This is NOT a jam session but a musical workshop.
  • IMW will encourage playing music together, listening and responding to what is happening. 
  • This workshop is NOT a gig.
  • IMW is a safe space for good music to begin and evolve
  • It is a place to nurture musical relationships in the community.
Laurie Lang

Laurie Lang

Future ideas for each weeks focus: (please add your ideas in the comments) 

  • Music of Alec Wilder
  • Music of Mary Lou Williams – any compositions or standards recorded by Mary Lou Williams
  • Single line Improv. – Create patterns, grooves and explore improvisation (without any chordal comping from keys or guitars)
  • Playing with Dynamics – each song must have at least 4 dramatic dynamic changes
  • Original music only – bring charts and be ready to play and lead your composition
  • Love songs – creative arrangements of well-known love songs, come with clear charts for others to join in
  • Big Band Chart reading and improv. – we’ll mix it up and all instruments and vocals are welcome to read a part you would normally not play
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2 Responses to Improv Workshops begin… Friday, May 14th!

  1. Don Breitenbach says:

    I Laurie. Your up coming “improv” takes me way back to the days when we were in your “combo” class at MATC. I am still jamming on Monday evenings, at my house, with Bob Moeller on trumpet, and Roger Ingraham on clarinet and sax. We don’t have a base, so I have been playing the base line on the piano. It kind of detracts from my right hand improvising, because I am average at best. We miss Don Ring. But we are still enjoying playing some jazz every week. I tried to get to marilyn’s recent gig at the Park, but couldn’t get a ticket. I’ve also missed a few of yours that I wanted to get to. Hope I can make some of your new venture dates. Don Breitenbach

    • lauriebass says:

      thanks for those great memories and that your still making music! VERY COOL! Hope to see you soon!

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